10 Creative Ways Bloggers Can Make Money Every Month Consistently

Let’s focus on creative ways bloggers can make money every month using their blogs and other elements. We are happy to share that making money from a blog is totally possible as long as you treat it as a business. And they are so many things you can do in order to increase your blog income every month. 

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If you are a blogger and you are ready to start making money from a blog or your online business, be sure to follow the steps below. Add these strategies to your online business and start generating consistent income from your blog each month. 

Make Money by offering Online Courses// 1

Creating and offering your own courses is one of the best ways bloggers can make money every month on a very consistent basis. This is particularly true if your online course is evergreen and your audience can purchase it throughout the year.

An example of every green content I offer is From Hobby to Biz, which is open all year round.

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Online courses work for any niche and can be very profitable. Check out these amazing bloggers that all have online schools: 

Monetize your Blog using Ad Networks//8

This is your personal choice. But if you have the blog traffic and the right ad network, you can make great money with Ads. I just to use Ads on my site, provided it goes with my niche. I do turn them off on sponsored posts or posts that I feel will make me more money with Affiliate links. 

Chasing Foxes makes over $7, 595.89 in Ads alone. That is crazy. They also get so much blog traffic. 

As you can see, depending on what you want to do, ads is one of the best ways bloggers can make money online with little effort except for having blog traffic. 

If you want to increase your blog traffic, you might want to read this and this

Offer and Create Membership Sites//9

This is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to make money as a blogger each month. It is really consistent and you can get reoccurring income/revenue as long as a user is subscribed to your site.

My membership site catered to new bloggers and it is Blogging for Profit! You can check it out here! You can see all my courses available here. 

A membership is like an online course, that is either updated monthly, weekly or daily. But you give incentive for people to stay on every single month and in return, they are part of a membership club and they pay monthly. 

Become a consultant or a coach in your Niche// 10

If you are good at something you can market yourself as a consultant or become a coach where you offer one on one service or even group coaching. I know coaches that charge anywhere between $50 -$10 000 for coaching services. 

Just find a creative angle to market yourself in your niche and create a sales page! 

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