4 Easy Steps to Starting an Online Business Today

Starting an online business can be a worrying time. There seems to be so much to learn.  Your aim is simple: to make money online.  But how do you go about it? Where should you begin? What is the right product or niche that will suit you best?  Will it cost a lot before you make anything? 4 Easy Steps to Starting an Online Business Today.

When we started online marketing we made all sorts of mistakes. These were both demoralizing and a waste of time. Some cost us a great deal of money. But in the end, we found the right way for us and now have several money-making businesses up and running.


From this experience, we now know how to avoid the common mistakes and dead ends, how to get value for money and how to reach that goal of making money online.

To start, however, you need to learn the basics of internet marketing.

To earn money online there are only two basic methods:

  • Sell your own product, or
  • Sell somebody else’s product and get paid a commission for doing it

Most people starting an online business do not have their own products or sales organization so the second option would be better for them. It is known as Affiliate Marketing and thousands, perhaps millions, of people make a very good income from it. And there is always room for new businesses, even in that crowded diet and dog training niches. It is quite amazing how easily a new marketing website can squeeze in and make its own mark in any sector.

How To Start

To start an online business you do not necessarily need a website, but it is a little bit more difficult without one. I feel more comfortable making and owning my own website, which I can control and monitor my way, so let’s take a look at what that involves.

Any good website includes the following:

  • design, content and monetization (how it makes money)
  • good copywriting (see how to write copy)
  • publishing it successfully on the internet
  • choosing and incorporating the affiliate links
  • ranking the new website in the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask)
  • arranging a good payment system (such as Clickbank) and getting payments regularly
  • checking progress
  • testing alternative settings for better results

To be successful, your business will need all of these to be done properly.  This is a lot to get right until you know how to start an online business, so good practical instruction from an expert is invaluable. 4 Easy Steps to Starting an Online Business Today.

How To Learn

Individual coaching from a marketing expert (the so-called guru) is the best, but also the most costly, way. You would need to budget on spending several thousand dollars, which is not really an option for most beginners.

Easily the best value for money is a good set of practical videos from a marketing professional.  This should teach you precisely the right steps to building a good income website, how to expand it over time, and how to constantly improve it.  You will want well-written notes to accompany the videos, as well as a technical help system if needed.

Creating a new online business will, like any other venture, require some investment in time and money, but it need not take too much of either if you find and use a good training system to get started.  Then you will have the confidence to build an income website, knowing that you are covering all the bases properly.

The Solution

I tried a number of video courses before I found the right one for me. This was the AffiloBlueprint 2.0 affiliate marketing course, and it is perhaps the best affiliate training portal currently available on the internet. It has over 45 step-by-step and very detailed instructional videos, covering all the essential points and very easy to understand. Good fun, too.  There is also an active and highly practical forum which I use all the time, and their technical support is first class.

Best of all, they give you a whole lot of tools and software to help design your own website, monitor progress, research keywords and all the other things you will need to build and expand your new venture.

Really good value for money and I strongly recommend it as the best way to learn how to start an online business.

That first sale will give you quite an adrenaline rush. 4 Easy Steps to Starting an Online Business Today.

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