5 Blogging courses worth taking that will make your blog money

If you are a blogger that is trying to make some money off your blog, we highly suggest taking some sort of a blogging course to help lead you in the right direction. This will save you so much money and time in the long run. You basically do not want to reinvent the wheel but tweak it to match your blog niche and audience. Today we will be focusing on the 5 Blogging Courses we think will help you get ahead. Plus they are pretty affordable. 

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We also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we use Affiliate links on some of our blog posts. This means that we could make a commission if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something. 

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Investing in Blogging Courses

The only reason I highly suggest you invest in blogging courses is to speed up your rate of success and also for you to do things the right. If I didn’t take the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course with Michelle, I would have never have known about the no-follow links, why you need them and how to do it. I also didn’t know anything about disclosures and especially how she used one blog post that made her over $400, 000 to date. 

This course saved me so much time and money, and I am happy to say that my one-year-old blog is making serious money. 

Five blogging courses you must take

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing //

The first ever investment I made for my blog was the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I knew that once I started monetizing my blog, Affiliate Marketing was one way I wanted to do it. And in order to be successful, I understood the need to invest in a course that would teach me how to properly use Affiliate marketing, not only legally but how to also improve my chances of making money with my blog. Michelle the creator of the course is making up to $50, 000 per month in Affiliate sales

From Hobby to Biz //

From Hobby to Biz is a blogging course created by us to help you make money from your own blog in less than 60 days. These are the exact strategies we use to help us make money each month. We focus on increasing Affiliate sales through simple writing techniques, we focus on areas that will help you make money right now by tweaking what you already have. We show you exactly where we get paying gigs, what works and what you should not bother with. 

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level and you are tired of making less than a penny from your blog, then its time to up your game with this blogging course. Check out what else is included in the Hobby to Biz course. 

Pinning for Pageviews // 

We wanted to include this on our blogging courses list must-haves even though it’s not an actual course. This eBook focuses on strategies designed to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest. The author focuses on the best times to pin on Pinterest for maximum results, how to use your Pinterest Analytics to adjust your strategy based on what boards and pins are performing best as well as shows you how to use the free tool that allows you to see which terms are the most searched on Pinterest in order to write killer SEO descriptions. 

If you want to know more about Pinning for Pageviews head on over here. Getting over 140, 000 pageviews is no joke. 

Traffic Transformation Guide //

As much as everyone is stuck hard on focussing on Pinterest, you also need proper SEO, proper link building strategies and this is all included in the blogging course that uses cool strategies to skyrocket blog traffic. This blogger went from 17 thousand pageviews to over 400 thousand plus in pageviews in just 10 months. It includes an amazing step-by-step video with the simple methods she uses to find keywords and optimize a blog post to rank high in Google results (using her own #1 ranking post to show you how!). 

This is one of the best blogging courses taken by us. Read the full description of what is included on her site

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eBook Creation Guide // 

If you are looking at creating a product to sell to your audience, then this ebook is the best route for new bloggers. Lena Gott does a fantastic job at showing you how to create a successful product (specifically an eBook) to make yourself some passive income. 

Simple Ebook Creation holds your hand & walks you through the process of creating a fantastic ebook. It prevents you from overthinking each step & getting in your own way of publishing on schedule!

And they you have it, 5 amazing blogging courses that will help you make some serious money this year with your blog. Which one are you thinking of getting? Tell us below

PS: Grab this FREE Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

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