7 Effective Ways Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

If you are new to Facebook but keen to use it to improve traffic to your online marketing website, then this is Facebook for Beginners – it is an exciting place to be. Facebook is already the premier social networking site, even outpacing Google for numbers of people using it.  And it really is one of the best ways of generating targeted traffic to your website. 7 Effective Ways Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website.

Firstly, it is important to understand the main advantage of Facebook for making money online. This is its viral nature – a horrible word, but it describes how postings can spread exponentially in a very short time. Thus you can, with a simple post (or video), reach a huge and interested audience very quickly.  This, in turn, can produce a lot of targeted traffic straight to your website.


Facebook currently does not provide an instruction manual or any Facebook tutorials to help you use it properly, so you need to find out the hard way.  Or use a really helpful set of start-up videos showing you how to use Facebook:

So, how does Facebook actually work?

Unfortunately, FB keeps evolving, which makes it hard to lay down specific rules and procedures.  Each member has to keep on top of things for his or her self.  But Facebook basics are really very simple.

Once you have signed up for a Facebook account, you will have a Wall and a News Feed.  They work as follows.

1. The Facebook Wall

This is your personal Profile, which can be as simple or extensive as you want.  It can (and should) include photos, videos, thoughts, and comments.  Its purpose is to let your friends know all about you and what you are doing in real time.

You control your Wall, what it includes and who has access to it.

2. The Facebook News Feed

Whenever you log in to your Facebook account you will arrive at your Home page, which is called your News Feed.  Every time you add a comment or picture or whatever to your Wall it shows up on your News Feed.

But here is the key to Facebook. Every time your friends (let’s call them Friends, with a capital F) add to their Walls then their new News Feeds show up in your News Feed as well. So when one Friend makes a comment, all his or her Friends see it and – if allowed by their Facebook settings – all their Friends of Friends see it too.

Suddenly it is possible for literally thousands of Facebook members to see what you have written.

3. Privacy

Facebook has had a bad press, unjustifiably, on privacy issues.  Don’t worry about your private details being seen by the whole world without your permission. In the process of setting up your account, you can set a huge range of permissions for No One, Friends, Friends of Friends and Everyone to have access to every basic detail in your account.

Each setting can be changed at any time, and it is very easy to completely customize your privacy exactly the way you want.

4. Personal and Fan Pages

Facebook is, primarily, a social networking facility, to let people keep in touch with other people.  There is, currently, a limit of 5,000 Friends that you can have.  Seems a lot?  Not once you get stuck into finding Friends for your marketing business.

But there is a solution – Fan Pages.

Crucially for Internet marketers, Facebook allows itself to be used for business as well as social purposes.   This is where Fan Pages come in.

Fan Pages have Walls and News Feeds, too, and can seem identical to Personal Pages. There are two huge differences, however:

  • Fan Pages have no limit on friends (they are called Fans who Like you – I know, more Facebook jargon!), and
  • you can have an Opt-in Form on your Fan Page

As you are constantly being reminded, ‘The Money Is In The List’. Facebook lets your Likes opt-in to your list.  This is a great way to make money – for many internet marketers, the only way.

I cover Fan Pages elsewhere in MoneyMakingBuzz, because they are a whole story in themselves and a little beyond this introduction to Facebook.


5. Warning

One thing you must understand.  Facebook allows you only one account – ever.  If you try to set up a second account, even by mistake, you will be banned for life.  This is why you need to know how to use Facebook and how to use Fan Pages for your marketing activities.


6. Facebook Basics

Most people simply use Facebook to keep in touch with a small circle of close family and friends. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but, in the Internet Marketing world, we are able to get so much more out of it.

Basic Facebook methods include:

  • sending messages to Friends
  • posting regular and compelling comments
  • creating special interest groups or participating in them
  • utilizing the News Feed for subtle marketing
  • using Fan Pages for more direct marketing

Always keep in mind the original and underlining purpose of Facebook – people keeping in touch with people.  Every entry you make in your Wall needs to be natural and personal, as if you are talking face-to-face with someone – which you are.

Put your personality into your posts, with positive photos and images, and lots of personal details about yourself.  People using Facebook like to know all about other people. It’s like people-watching from a sidewalk café! Conversely, avoid appearing shady or mysterious, because it will make Facebook people suspicious.

And try to be consistent.  Make regular and frequent posts and comments, and make them as interesting or useful as possible.  If people like you and what you have to say, they will become regular visitors to your Wall and Fan Pages.


7. Facebook for Beginners

There are lots and lots to learn about Facebook, but you don’t have to know it all before you can start to make money online. All newbies have to start somewhere!
The CD ‘Facebook for Beginners’ is a fun and useful way to make that start and to remove some of the clouds of mystery surrounding Facebook.

To give you a taste of what it contains, there are seven short videos put together by an experienced internet marketer, Matt Bush, and covering all the Facebook fundamentals:

  • The advantages of Facebook
  • How to optimize your Facebook account
  • Facebook marketing methods
  • The magic of Fan Pages and Groups
  • Building tips
  • How to build your Facebook presence by adding Friends
  • Networking tips and advice

I hope this Facebook for Beginners has given you an idea of its power and a little taste of ways that you can benefit from it to make money online.

It would be difficult to overstate this power and how exciting this single social networking system is.  Even better, very few people have yet managed to take full advantage of it.   Be one of those right now.

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