Four Off-Page SEO Strategies That Will Boost Traffic

Promoting a website involves a number of off-page SEO techniques, as well as the on-page work discussed elsewhere. Indeed, off-page SEO will probably account for as much as 70% of your optimisation work, so getting it right is super-important for promoting a site. Four Off-Page SEO Strategies That Will Boost Traffic.

The aim of off-page SEO is to build solid backlinks to your site and also to build a reputation within your niche. Relationships with webmasters, other people interested in your niche and even some of your competitors are all good for your business and will ultimately be the major factor in your online marketing success.


One of the best ways to promote a website is to write free content articles for use by other webmasters and blog editors, known as syndication.

These will put your online copywriting skills to good use since nobody will be happy with the poorly written content.

Providing free content might seem like a lot of work – and it is! – but the rewards are great if you do it properly.  Many target sites require unique content but do not be put off by this.  You can easily change some words, or move paragraphs around, and use the same article many times over.  It is well worth the effort and will slowly build some good backlinks to your web pages.

It will probably lead to requests for doing some guest blogging, again a great way to build backlinks.

How To Promote A Website

So, if you want to know how to promote a website, the most important step is to provide free content in as many places as possible.  And do this continually, on a regular basis, so that you develop sites that you like and who like you. One of the best is Ezines, an article directory with an excellent standard and reputation.  Just make sure you comply with their rather tough editorial guidelines.

Submit your site to the good site directories such as DMOZ. This task can be spread over time and will not produce instant results.  It is worth the effort, however, for the strong backlinks generated.

Another slow but rewarding promotional task is to ask for links from other sites. These should be complementary to your own site and should have reasonably good page rank.  Webmasters at the best and busiest sites will probably be unhelpful, but you can get good results with some of the lesser ones. And you can also offer to guest blog.  You should be prepared to show some examples of content you have already created.

Social Networks

Social networks are now very popular for promoting a website. These include Twitter, Facebook, Hubpages, Squidoo and many others.  Also niche forums and blogs.  Each has its own way of doing things and rules about what linking it will allow. Find 4 or 5 that you feel comfortable with, and let people get to know you before you start to steer them towards your website.

The best way of approaching social network sites is to give rather than take.  You need to want to help others, to give useful information, to over-deliver with no expectation of reward.  Once you do this and are seen to do this, you will be amazed how much you get in return.  Building relationships and being seen as an expert in your particular niche will be more valuable than any other efforts you make to promote your website.

Email Newsletters

Building a list of people interested in your website is one of the most lucrative ways of website promotion. If done properly it gets great results.  The secret is not to over-sell and to email on a regular basis.  A good rule is to include a product or service promotion in every fifth email newsletter you send out.  The others will be simple informational newsletters, with the sole aim of keeping your name in front of the potential customer and building trust.

Paid Advertising

There are lots of ways to promote a website through paid advertising, the most common being PPC (Pay Per Click). I am not a great fan of this type of promotion, mainly because it is so easy to lose a whole lot of money very quickly.  Done correctly, however, it is certainly the quickest way to promote your site and its products or services. Just be very careful if you decide to go this route.

What Is The Key To Promoting A Website?

The recurring theme in all these ways to promote a website is Great Content. Write good copy and you will get sales, it is as simple that.

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