How To Make Money As A Blogger

Have you been blogging all these years and never thought it could bring you some profit? Or have you heard about people earning from blogging but never took the time to explore it, thinking that all the hype about making money from blogging is just that – hype. How To Make Money As A Blogger.

To date, there are millions of bloggers around the globe, sharing their thoughts and opinions to the world. By now many have realized that blogging has the capacity to generate income for the blogger as well. While we do not know how many of them actually earn, the fact is, there are successful bloggers who make real money from blogging.  Many even start their own online business through blogging.

But how do you do that?


It does not matter what age you are, or what your social status is, or what country you are in; blogging is a universal undertaking that can do by anyone who owns or has access to a computer and the Internet.  So if you have access to both, you can start blogging and make money from it.

If you already have a blog, read on and find out how you can make a profit out of it. If you are a beginner, you can take advantage of free blog services that you can set up in minutes that will host your blog for you for free. Be advised, though, that using these free blogging accounts limits your control over your blog, and having complete freedom with your blog is important.

Free blog services normally have terms and conditions that will curtail your opportunity to make more money from blogging as they can place restrictions on what you do with your blog, like promoting product or services.  If you are serious about wanting to make money blogging, it is important to have complete control over your blog by setting it up under your own domain name.

There will be a cost involved – buying your domain name and setting up a web server that will host your blog.  But this should be quite minimal and something that you can recoup many times over once you have started monetizing your blog.

You’ll then need a theme and an attractive layout for your blog; you can even get ideas from countless templates & free themes you can find online.  Your theme normally relates to your topic, which you will be regularly writing about, so your topic must be something you find interesting or you are passionate about.

The blogs you make must have valuable content for people to want to read it. You wouldn’t waste your time reading something that does not give you value, right? Your blogs must also be original writing.  Churning out original content, especially content that will have timeless and genuine value will attract more visitors. How To Make Money As A Blogger.

The next step is to generate traffic for your blog.  Traffic can make or break your goal of earning money from blogging as it fuels the opportunity for generating income from it. The more visitors your blog gets, the higher the chances of earning through the various streams of income you’ve created on your blog.

You can create traffic by joining social bookmarking and networking sites. You can also provide links to your blog when you create your profile online or attach the link at the end of your articles when writing for article directories.

The internet is full of tips on how to generate traffic for your blog; it pays to do earnest research.

Once these get rolling, and especially if your blog catches the interest of readers, you will have built a loyal readership over time. The more people you have reading your blogs, the higher chances of earning money and income from it.

Now comes the crucial part – monetizing your blog. There are many ways to do this, and if you created a mix of ways to earn from blogging, those several streams of income will yield you more revenue as time goes by. How To Make Money As A Blogger.

You can put up ads that pay per click, pay per impression or for a fixed amount monthly. If you are blogging about a certain cause that has followers, you can ask for donations where you get a share of the contributions.

You can also get paid for blogging about a specific topic, such as writing a review of a certain product or service.  You can also insert in your blog posts your recommendation of certain products of people or companies who will be willing to pay you if it results to actual purchases by your readers.

You can explore other means of income generation, like selling ad space on your blog or putting up ads for individual advertisers for a specific period.  This is possible especially if you already have a credible reputation as a blogger that generates a lot of traffic and revenue.

You can even sell your blog to make a profit out of it and create a new one with a new theme, layout, and subject.

You don’t need to focus on one source of income; think multiple sources.  That way if one source dries up, you still have others to supply you with a steady income.  Keep exploring other sources for future use to keep your paychecks coming.  Don’t be discouraged with small payouts, they eventually add up, especially if you get it from several sources.

Just think, getting income from doing something at home, using your own ideas and creativity, and in your own sweet time. Once you’ve spent some time working on making money from blogging, you’ll become savvier in this business, which in turn can assure you of a consistent and reliable source of income that can give you the lifestyle you want, and more. How To Make Money As A Blogger.

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