How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Today

Did you wake up this morning and say: ‘I need money – TODAY!’ Did you wonder if you could earn money from home by doing something on the Internet (an immensely popular thought these days)? Well, the good news is that there are many ways you can make an online income.  The bad news?  There isn’t any! How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Today.

If you are looking for ways to get money fast you might have a slightly harder time of it.  For most people, getting an online income takes a little time because it usually requires some learning first. But none of this is very difficult, and for most of us in this business, it is a whole lot of fun.


The Best Online Income System – Affiliate Marketing

In my experience, the best way to make money online is through affiliate marketing.  This costs virtually nothing to get started. It requires no knowledge or experience of the wider business world. And is very easy to learn.

What is an affiliate and what does he or she market?

This is where you find someone who is selling a product or service online (the Vendor) and who has an affiliate program. You register as an Affiliate with this program and promote the vendor’s product or service.  When you make a sale the vendor will pay you a commission.

The beauty of this system is that the affiliate does not have to shoulder any of the normal business sales costs. Such as buying and stocking inventory, hiring staff, packaging, mailing, guaranteeing and refunding, customer support, complaints and so on.  All the affiliate does is find the customers.

How much commission?

That depends on the product you are promoting.  Retail merchandise such as gaming platforms and accessories for example cameras, electronics. Including other ‘tangible’ products have a small profit margin. Therefore commissions on sales are also small.  If you sign up as an Amazon affiliate, for instance, you will get a seemingly tiny 4 or 5 percent – but this will apply to everything bought by your customer.  How many times have you dropped into Amazon looking for one thing and then been lured into buying all sorts of other interesting items?  You get the point.

I started as an affiliate, like most people, by promoting digital information products.  Because there is virtually no cost involved in producing such items and because they usually sell in the 40 to 50 dollar range, the vendor can afford to offer his affiliates a good commission and still make a handsome profit himself. These are usually in the 50 to 75 percent range, often with extra bonuses thrown in as rewards for multiple sales.


It is quite easy to earn 500 dollars a week on a regular basis from a very simple affiliate marketing program and without any advanced training or experience. Many people do.

Digital products are very popular ways to get money fast for affiliates.  The buyer can pay for and download his purchase instantly, which is very satisfying.  No waiting for the mail or FedEx to get that exciting set of plans to build his chicken coop! And the affiliate makes an instant commission.

So I Need Money, What Do I Do?

This is my suggestion to get an online income fast.

  • Find a good affiliate program.  The easiest and safest way is Clickbank, possibly the world’s largest and most respected agency that puts vendors and affiliates together. It runs the whole sales process, from vetting the vendor products through the handling of each sale and most importantly from your point of view – paying your commissions regularly and on time. Not all vendors, outside of Clickbank, are as reliable.
  • Register as an affiliate read as much about the vendor’s product as you can, download all the banners and other promotional material that he provides, and start promoting.

How Do I Promote?

It is possible to promote products without having your own website, but I strongly advise you go the extra mile and build one for yourself.  This will give you much greater credibility in the marketplace, you will have better control of how you are marketing, and you will have a good platform to base yourself for other types of online selling later on.

There is plenty of more detailed information about how to do all this here at MoneyMakingBuzz, such as:

  • working online – getting started
  • starting an online business
  • finding the right product to promote
  • how to make websites that sell

Are There Any Good Tutorial Programs?

Yes, there are, and I can recommend from personal experience some very good ones. You can see more about these here:

  • learn how to earn money online
  • affiliate marketing programs
  • free affiliate programs

Give affiliate marketing a try.  I really think that you will find it is the best way to make money online.. How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Today.

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